The economic font to save ink when printing


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When you print lots of papers, you are not using only a lot of paper, but you are also using a lot of ink. That can change if you use an economic font and that's what we offer you today an economic font that will save ink when printing.

The creators of the EcoFont happily say that the font is like a Dutch holey cheese.

Basically, this font is like the common ones, but the letters will be printed with internal holes that will mean saving up to a 20% of ink and money. Less ink means less money but the texts will remain totally readable with no problems.

We recommend you to use the font and try it. you'll save ink and money and that's a good reason to give it a try. The size that saves more ink while keeping the readability untouched is 9 or 10.

How to install Ecofont

Just drag&drop the downloaded file to the fonts folder into Windows folder.

Once you install it, it will appear in your programs under the name of Spranq_eco_sans_regular.